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In this Blog I would like to tell you more about me, what I am up to, some of treatments I provide and also answer some of the questions I often get asked regarding treatments or products, Please feel free to email in your questions flutterbysalon@yahoo.co.uk

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Whats good for Chapped lips?

This time of year a common problem is chapped lips!

I put a call out on my face book page and to a group of clients and asked what their favourites were, I have to admit I was quite surprised so many people recommended Vaseline, when Iíve used it in the past I found it far to greasy and it wore off far to quickly and didnít really do anything for my chapped lips, but not everything will suit everybody, if it did there would be no need for the vast array that we have on offer today, so if you do like something and it works for you I would always say stick with it. Read More....

Want to know how many make up brushes people have?

I asked a question on my Facebook Page about make up brushes
ďReally need to know how you store your make up brushes? in a pot? in your make up bag, how many you have / use regularly etc thanks xĒ

I was quite amazed at the response, I personally use 1 for Pressing powder over foundation, I have had it so long I canít remember where I got it from another for blusher which is a mac brush, 1 double ended brush for eye shadow again no idea where from, and others I have found along the way, they are cleaned once a week then flung in my make up box! Anyway below are the results hope you enjoy reading, please feel free to comment in the box below all about your brushes. Read more....

Choosing a nail colour

Choosing a nail colour, how hard can it be?

One of the biggest questions we have in the salon is when clients are choose a nail colour, they simply dont know what to choose, this may seem like a big deal for some but for others adventurous enough to try colour, they can often be sat there for such a long time tooing and frowing between shaded of reds, pastels or just French.

So my advice to those who are unsure is based on a few factors Read more....

Ear Piercing!
January 2013
Four more of our therapists ave successfully completed the Caflon Ear Piercing course which now means all 6 Therapists are qualified and Licenced to pierce ears. Not only is our premisis licenced but each therapist holds a personal license to pierce. Please visit our Ear Piercing Page for more information.

Southport Ambassador Awards!
June 2013
Myself and Rebecca were delighted to be nominated by our lovely clients and shortlisted for the recent Southport Ambassador awards at The Floral Hall, we were joined by my husband Ged and Holly, we enjoyed a lovely evening, we both did manage to bag second place, myself for "Most welcoming Receptionist" and Rebecca for "Young person of the year" so well done us :-)

Queenscourt Star Trekk Walk
24th May 2013 - Thanks once again to all our lovely clients, friends and family who sponsored us for this local event to raise funds for Queenscourt hospice.  Queenscourt hospice costs over 2 million pounds a year to run and supports many local people and their families through very tough times, so many of our clients, their and our families are supported by Queenscourt and we felt very proud to be part of this event. Me Rebecca and Holly walked with Olivia C and Katie from Olivia C Hairdressing in Hillside and Miss Jennifer and Miss Catherine from Baby Ballet Formby and Southport.  Luckily the weather was on our side combined with a full moon the evening was lovely and bright, a sea of laminated lights lit the sky as 500+ ladies walked out of pleasure land that evening, we walked 7 miles although we did stop for a cup of coffee and a biscuit half way.  We finished about 12.30 and I would recommend that if you would like to take part in this event you join us next year.  Well done and thanks girls we had fun :-)  Lisa x

Red Nose Comic Relief!
A HUGE THANK You to all who supported our Red nose day (Well 4 days!)
Well done to Rebecca and Holly who's idea is was to raise some money for this very worthwhile cause.  We started off and reached our first target of £50 by the end of day one and we all then agreed to wear bunches in our hair for the rest of the week! day 2 Rebecca agreed to wear her donkey onesie if we raised £100 which we did and she did! Day 3 and 4 we reached £150 and we posted our silent disco video! Click here to watch 
Thanks to all who bought raffle tickets and made donations we raised £150! Whop Whop!!


Donation to Claire House
We were very proud to present Claire Bear from Claire House with a Cheque for  £611, Thank you to all who sponsored Lisa in the Zip wire and who bought little red ducks x


New Pedicure Station
A few months back we completed the works on our new Pedicure Station, I am so please its all finishes and now we have a designated area just for feet!

Beautiful Feet
Thank you very much to the wonderful Victoria Lee from Team Beauty delivered for making this wonderful video of me at work! Click the photo below and see the full video, Thank you 

How to make an appointment
Call 01704510784 Salon Hours
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Shellac Rockstar Nails
OMG, I have to say how much I totally love Shellac Rockstar Nails they are Gorgeous, Pop into the salon to see all the colours painted up! Lisa

Thank yous
I would like to say a few BIg thank yous, firstly to my amazing husband Ged who has always supported me in business, without his constant help I would not be where I am today, Thank you to him for putting his own business on hold for a month to get the salon up and running. Secondly to my Mum & Dad who have been running here there and everywhere sourcing a particular shade of gold for my plant pots! cleaning, organising, brewing up, collecting flowers and totally coming to my rescue by cooking Christmas Dinner for us all! My sister Tracey for some fabulous painting, moving, unpacking and general help! Thank you to Jack & Layla for your help and patience! Lots of love to you all Lisa x

We are open! 
On the 16th of December we had our Grand Opening night, I have to say it was truly amazing, over 100 people came and celebrated in style with us.  Bob from Finos on the Waterfront in Southport provided some truly mouth watering Tapas, and the wine flowed! Thank you to friends new and old for your support. Lisa x

The Refit
Well the refit has well and truly started! new floor, carpet, kitchen, loo, busy busy busy! painting, wall paper! can't wait! hope to see you all soon! Lisa x

The New Salon
It comes with great pleasure to announce that I now have a lovely new salon situated on Lord Street in Southport!  I am very excited to say the least!  I would love to share with you all my experience of getting my shop up and running so please come back and visit my Blog for updates or follow me on Facebook or Twitter! 

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Exciting news Shellac available !
Shellac is t
he latest and most groundbreaking innovation, the range is a hybrid between traditional nail polish and gel that dries underneath a UV lamp, doesn't smell, and will stay on your nails for 14 days without chipping or smudging. Plus it can be removed in ten minutes and doesn't damage your nails.

Skin Care is not all about what you put on your skin!
To make or keep your skin beautiful, it's best to work from the inside. Eating the right kind of food can do you more good than any medicine, and go a long way in helping your body's own healing forces. Eat a balanced diet that includes raw foods, plenty of yellow and orange vegetables (they contain beta carotene - a precursor to vitamin A) Foods high in sulfur such as garlic, onions, asparagus and eggs. Include fruits, seeds, grains and nuts.  Drink plenty of water 2-3 liter of water in a day. 

My Nails split and peel all the time ~ what can I do?
A very common problem, here are a few of my tips you might find useful
1/ When using a file, it is important to maintain a proper angel.  The file should be held at a 45 degree angle to the bottom side of the nail tip, almost against your finger tip, the top portion of your nail is the toughest and will help to protect against peeling of the weaker layers underneath.
2/  Wear rubber gloves when doing housework or washing up as chemicals and solvents are present in many cleaning products and this can dry out or damage your fingernails leading to peeling.
3/  For strengthening the nails take a calcium supplement or drink fresh carrot juice daily as it is high in calcium and phosphorus.
4/  Moisturise your hands and nails, I know this is not possible every time you wash your hands during the course of a day but leaving a hand cream next to the kitchen sink, in your lounge or next to your bed will give your nails that extra boost.
5/ use a nail replenishing oil such as Avoplex oil which as well as treating the nails and cuticles can be used on your heels and elbows too!


When I tell people I am a Holistic Therapist they always say, ďoh whatís that then?Ē  Itís very simple ďA Holistic Therapist is qualified in providing a range of treatments, specifically selected according to the clientís needs, giving them a sense of health and wellbeing.Ē

I specialize in providing a range of treatments to help ease the stress of everyday life from a relaxing massage, Indian head massage, Reiki or Hopi ear candles.

In the short term massage helps to improve skin tone and colour, it improves circulation and removes dead skin cells, relieves muscle fatigue, stiffness and soreness, relaxes the mind which in turn reduces tension and effects of stress, Increases energy as massage invigorates all body systems.  In the long term it boosts the immune system and helps relieve insomnia and increases energy levels and aids lymphatic drainage.

Ear Candling also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy is a very gentle treatment involving the use of hollow beeswax candles, which are placed gently at the opening of the ear.  A gentle vacuum effect is created drawing out any impurities or wax from the ear canal.  After the treatment I add a facial pressure point treatment, it helps to aid lymphatic drainage and clear sinuses.

Ear candling is a natural, relaxing and completely painless therapy, which can be beneficial for those who suffer with, Excess Ear Wax, Sinusitis, Colds & sore throats, Tinnitus, Glue Ear, Snoring, Hearing difficulties, Headaches & Migraines, Pain or pressure when flying.

A Reiki treatment gives you a wonderful glowing feeling, which radiates and flows through and around the body, emotions mind and spirit.  It creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, inner strength, security and well being. Many have wonderful experiences while receiving and after Reiki.  It also works alongside other therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


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