Most ailments can be linked to mineral deficiency! We need essential plant derived minerals, lacking in today's soil, for optimum health.

I am a distributor of Sizzling Minerals, a 100% natural mineral supplement, packed with 75 essential minerals to help the body heal itself and aid absorption of vitamins. Over the years minerals in the soil have depleted due to pollution, acid rain, over farming & fertilizers. This affordable supplement, in the form of an effervescent tablet will improve & optimise your overall health and is doctor approved! 

Within 5 days of starting taking Sizzling Minerals I could already feel the difference with my health, I started taking them because of problems with my Low Blood Pressure and constant Fatigue and not only do I have lots more energy throughout the day, but I am not waking up feeling shattered, and within 3 days of starting these minerals I could see an improvement in my skin, so I am really pleased, I will do my best to post you lots of updates of my Sizzling mineral journey. you can read my blog here which gives you my first experience with Sizzling Minerals. you can read my recent update here

Plant derived Sizzling Minerals help strengthen the body's own immune system and can help with many debilitating conditions.. Cost 23.97 per month!

Sizzling Minerals contain 75 essential plant derived minerals in a fruit or natural flavoured drink form.

Your health is your wealth

Would you like to know more? and recieve a sample pack?
Whats included?
1/ The 16 page brochure which explains how Sizzling Minerals works.
2/ A letter from me with my contact details on and all the information you require if you choose to order.
3/ 1 Cherry & 1 Orange sample.
4/ A copy of my blog, so you can read my persional experience.
5/ A flyer filled with testimonials.

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