Dermalogica Retail Products

If there is an item I don't  currently stock please email me the details and I will get you a price and let you know the next delivery date.
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Ultra calming cleanser 250 ml 
Tri active cleanser 150 ml 
Clearing skin wash (Medibac)  250ml  

Dermal clay Cleanser  250 ml 
Special cleansing gel 250 ml 

The Sponge Cloth

Exfoliating face brush  


Daily Microfoliant 75 g 
Skin Prep Scrub 75ml 

Multi active toner 250 ml 


Skin smoothing cream 100 ml 
Skin smoothing cream 50 ml 
Active moist 100 ml 
Active moist  - 50 ml 
Sheer moist spf 15, 40ml 
Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery spf 30, 50 ml 
Multi Hand & Nail cream 

Intensive moisture balance 50ml 

Climate control lip 

Travel Sizes

Ultra calming cleanser 50ml 
Clearing skin wash 50ml 
Dermal clay cleanser travel 50ml 
Skin resurfacing cleanser travel 50ml 
Special cleansing gel 50 ml 
Multi active toner 50 ml 
Soothing protection spray travel 50 ml 
Daily Microfoliant 13 g travel 

Travel Kits
Dry skin kit 
Normal dry skin kit 
Sensitive kit  
Oily skin kit 
Skin kit medi bac clearing 
Skin kit Age smart 
Body skin kit 
Shave kit 
Clean start kit 

Age Smart
Skin kit Age smart 
Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery spf 30  50ml 
Age smart Multivitamin power recovery Masque 

Clean Start
Clean start wash off 180  ml 
Clean start all over clear 120ml 
Clean start ready set scrub 75 ml 
Clean start welcome matt spf 15 60ml 
Clean start Brighten up spf 15 60 ml 
Clean start bedtime for breakouts- 60ml 
Clean start Hit the spot 10ml 
Clean start smart mouth lip shine 10ml 
Clean start kit 

Mens Shave range
Shave daily scrub 120ml 
Shave clean bar - 142g 
Shave clean bar travel case 
Shave pre shave guard -170gr 
Shave invigorating shave gel -180ml 
Shave post shave balm 50ml 
Shave daily defence spf 15 100ml 
Shave Soothing shave cream 

Shave Close shave oil 
Shave kit 

Body Products

Shine Therapy Shampoo 237 ml 
Silk finish conditioner 237 ml 
Body Hydrating cream 473 ml 
Conditioning Body wash 473 ml 
The Ultimate Buffing cloth 237 ml 
Body skin kit 

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