Waxing System Available at Flutterby Salon Southport

Hot waxing & Warm Waxing

Ok so lets start at the beginning because if you do not know much about waxing it can get quite confusing.

There are 2 types of wax – Warm wax which is sometimes referred to as strip waxing, this wax is warm and is spread on your skin in the direction the hair is growing, a cotton or paper strip is placed on top and firmly pressed down, this is then removed by pulling the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, this is perfect for leg waxing, arm waxing, back waxing, and brows. 

Then there is Hot wax, this is applied against the hair growth, it is left to cool for a minute then the end is flicked up and the wax removed again in the opposite direction of the hair growth, this more suited for sensitive areas and skin it is best on areas like bikini, underarm, lip and chin although you can use this for eyebrows also.

Waxing is a semi-permanent method of hair removal; it removes the hair from the root. New hairs will not grow back on previously waxed areas for 2 to 6 weeks.


Does waxing hurt?

Sometimes if it is your first wax then you may feel a slight discomfort but this will only last a few seconds, once you have been waxed the hair weakens so each time it becomes more comfortable, from personal experience for best results and a virtually pain free wax I would recommend a regular wax of every 4 weeks, it all depends on how fast your hair grows.  My personal recommendation would be to exfoliate areas like legs, arms, armpits regularly in between waxes and the run up to your next wax, keep your skin well moisturised before and after waxing.  I would also avoid being waxed in the run up to your period as you may be more sensitive, and avoid caffine on the day of your wax!

I have never had a Bikini or Leg wax before, what can I expect?

Don’t be at all nervous at all! Our girls are totally professional and you are in safe hands, Prior to your treatment you will be asked to fill in a consultation form (this helps us to keep a record of your treatment and find out if you have any allergies) you will be shown to a private treatment room where one of our girls will explain to you which items of clothes need to be removed and where you need to sit or lie on the treatment couch, she will then leave the room to let you sort yourself out, then she will return and knock on the door come in and your treatment will begin.

My skin is very Sensitive will this be ok for me?

These products are perfect for sensitive skin, even those who don’t have sensitive skin can expect a little redness sometimes, they contain essential oil extracts from camomile and lavender If you are at all worried then please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or arrange to have a complimentary test patch 24-48 hours before your treatment.



Please take the time to read this information prior to Waxing.
This information is also available for you to read in the salon prior to your appointment

Please respect that this is simply a precaution, and many clients often do not tell us of any changes to their circumstances that they may not realise affect the treatment they are having.

Please inform your Therapist of any changes to your circumstances or any reasons below which may prevent you from having your waxing treatment


If you have used a sun bed within the last 48 hours

If you have had Botox of any facial or lip fillers within the last 14 days

If you have had any tattooing or Semi Permanent Tattooing within the last 2 weeks

If you have any bacterial infections – such as Impetigo or a Sty

If you have any Viral Infections – Cold sore, Conjunctivitis or Shingles

If you have a fungal Infection – such as Ringworm, Scabies or Lice

If you have any Bruising, Cuts or Abrasions

If you have had a recent operation with scar tissue in the area about to be waxed

If you have Eczema in the area about to be waxed

If you have had a vomiting or diarrhoea bug within the last 48 hours

If you have ever had a reaction to waxing before

If you have Dermatitis, Insect Bites, A Rash or Skin Tumors (Benign & Malignant)


A list of Medication and products listed below are to be avoided, please ensure you are not using any.

After care Advice

Please Avoid Sun Bed use 24-48 hours after waxing

Avoid Spray tans for first 24 hours

Avoid very hot baths, Saunas and Sun Exposure

You must wait a minimum of seven days before waxing after a light chemical peel or Microdermabrasion.


WARNING it is your responsibility to inform your therapist if you are using any of the following products or Medication:


Waxing is never done on clients taking Accutane and is not recommended for clients taking Retin A, Renova, Differin or other types of skin thinning acne medications.


Please read the label carefully and consult your dermatologist if you are taking any medication or using any topical cream that contains these medications.


  • Accutane (Acne medication) – You must be off this medication treatment course a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing.
  • Adapalene (Acne medication)
  • Alustra (Retin A)
  • Avage (See Tazorac – Acne medication)
  • Avita (See Retin A)
  • Differin (Acne medication)
  • Isotretinoin (See Accutane)
  • Renova (See Retin A)
  • Retin A (Acne and Anti-aging medication)
  • Tazarac (Acne medication)
  • Tazarotene (See Tazorac)
  • Tretinoin (See Retin A)

CAUTION: If you are currently using any of the following, please inform your technician. These products can make the skin more sensitive. Thin, sensitive skin is more vulnerable to lifting and sensitivity during waxing.


  • Other Acne medications not listed above
  • Bleaching agents for hair (used mostly for upper lip)
  • Bleaching agents for pigmentation of skin (Hydraquinone, Trilumena)
  • Previous chemical depilatories such as Nair
  • Benzoyl Peroxide (ProActive)
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic)
  • Oral Antibiotics
  • Topical Antibiotics
  • Retinol
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Other exfoliants

Our treatments


Brow Shape ~ £7

Brow Tint ~ Brown, Black or Blue Black £7

Brow Shape and Tint £12

Lash Tint ~ £7

Lip Wax ~ £7

Chin Wax ~ £7

Lip and Chin Wax ~ £12

Underarm Wax ~ £12

Half Leg Wax ~ £16

Full Leg Wax ~ £22

Forearm Wax ~ £16

Full Arm Wax ~ £20

Bikini Wax ~ £14

Extended Bikini ~ £17

Brazillian £25
Hollywood £30

*Please note not all our therapists do intimate waxing, so it may not be possible to change your mind in the treatment room, always check first*


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